You Had Me at Cheese Curds

Memorial Union Terrace in summer
On the shore of Lake Mendota at the Memorial Union Terrace at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. (Photo by Bryce Richter / UW-Madison)
Written by Sofie Falk Vinther, Aarhus University, Scan Design Fall 2021

I soon realized that the best place to hang out at the University of Wisconsin-Madison is the Memorial Union Terrace; it has everything. There is a cute coffee shop to sit and relax with a book and restaurants. It was at one of these restaurants that I discovered the most delicious snack: fried cheese curds! I could eat them forever and have told all my friends in Denmark about them.

UW-Madison is a beautiful university. When I look at the university I feel proud to be one of its students, the buildings look old, majestic, and magical. I can almost imagine that it is Hogwarts, this is something I think I will miss a lot when I go back.

I am glad for the Scan Design program. It gives me the opportunity to see more of the culture, but what I think I appreciate most is the help with getting stuff and help with the nerves and the homesickness. It is tough going so far away from home and it is wonderful to have a program that makes that transition easier.