Branching Out

Written by Mark Jones, DIS Fall 2021

When I first arrived in Denmark, meeting new people was easy but everyone I was meeting were Americans who were studying abroad. As someone who wanted to be immersed in my travel abroad experience, meeting Danes and hearing their perspective on what is fun to do in Denmark was extremely important to me.

Mark Jones at Hammershus Ruins
Mark at Hammershus on the Danish island of Bornholm

Luckily, Scan Design had a dinner early into the semester where I got to have a nice dinner with Danes and learn more about Denmark with them.

As a result, I went to amazing places like Reffen where I got to meet more Danes and learn about Danish culture and society by just talking and walking around. One of the Danish students I met in Scan Design recommended that I check out Bornholm, a small fishing island off of Denmark. It was by far one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life and the Hammershus Castle ruins were amazing.