Fun on the Farm

Written by Jens Lehmann Christensen, Copenhagen Business School, Scan Design Fall 2022
Scan Design students making individual pizza crusts with help from farmer/chef at Sprouting Acres Pizza Farm in Cambridge, WI.
Danish students from the Scan Design Program at UW-Madison learn key skills to forming perfect pizza crusts at Sprouting Acres Pizza Farm in Cambridge, WI.

Our trip to the pizza farm was amazing. When we arrived, we were greeted by the farmer and his family and had the opportunity to walk around the farm and get a good look at the crops we would be using later on.

Then we were taught about the history of not only the farm and its pizza venture but also the farming culture around Madison and in Wisconsin in general. It was incredible to hear about the level of detail that goes into creating organic crops and how coops are supplying the citizens of Madison with fresh produce year-round.

After the lecture, we got the opportunity to make our own pizzas with all locally sourced ingredients in homemade woodfired pizza ovens. The variety of toppings made it hard, but the result was worth it. We ate the pizzas under the open sky while taking in the tranquility of farm life. The event was not only a great way to learn more about Wisconsin but also a perfect way to get to know your fellow Scan-Designers better.