My Study Abroad Experience

Written by Karina Culqui, Technical University of Denmark Fall 2017

My study abroad experience was truly unforgettable because of all the places I was able to explore and the amazing people I met along the way. What I especially appreciated was how the Scan|Design program was able to help me feel welcomed to the country by organizing different activities for us to do that would help us learn about the country and culture. One of my favorite experiences was the welcome dinner we had at Meyers Madhus. We were all able to learn about Danish cuisine by actually preparing some common dishes such as smørrebrød. I personally am a huge fan of eating new dishes so I thought it was a great hands on activity to do and at the end we all got the chance to enjoy the food we all prepared together.

Overall, what I really enjoyed about Denmark was how open-minded everyone seemed to be. Everyone seemed curious to learn about one another and I had some great conversations on a regular basis. None of the usual small talk but rather conversations in which I really learned about life in Denmark and learned to look at things through a new perspective. I would recommend anyone to visit Denmark, as it is a beautiful country with so many exciting places to visit. If you can look past all the day, you’ll for sure have an amazing experience.